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Mulch is a gardener’s best friend. If you are someone who takes great pride in the way your garden looks or a business that needs to maintain its gardens. Mulch is spread in the garden beds, and walkways to keep grass and weed from growing in the area. For a beautiful mulch, contact Elite Landscaping Manassas.

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Professional Mulching Services In Manassas, VA

When you are trying to mulch your garden, hire us. We have some of the best mulch material that is organic and acquired from environmentally friendly processes without harming any tree intentionally. We have some of the best mulch material that we can help you lay on your garden beds. We have taken up projects of all sizes. If you are commercial property with acres of lawn area and garden that needs mulching, contact us. We have professional landscapers in Manassas, who specialise in mulching.

Here Are Some Cool Uses Of Mulch

1. Mulch can keep the ground cool or warm acting as an insulator. If you are trying to save your plants from the heat wave or cold of winter, mulch can help.

2. Mulch can prevent over-watering in your plants. Mulch tends to soak up extra water from the ground as well as keep the ground moist and prevent drying.

3. Mulch can prevent unwanted weeds from growing in garden beds

4. Mulch makes your garden beds look cleaner and more organised.

5. It airates your soil as well as fertilizes the soil when it distegrades into the ground.
Overall mulch helps to grow heather flowers, fruits, veggies whatever you are trying to grow.

Types Of Mulch We Have

Wooden Mulch – Wooden mulch is the most common type of mulch. It decomposes odorless, looks good and is easily available. Wooden mulch is made from mulching fallen trees, firewood and discarded wood from lumber yards. Barks, and twigs are some other types of wooden mulch available with us.

Leaves And Grass – Leaves and mowed grass act as a great mulch. When you are getting complete yard care services with us, you don’t need to buy mulch separately. If the flower eds are small enough the trimmed grass and leaves fallen from surrounding trees can be used as mulch for your garden beds.

Straw – Straw is another type of mulch that we have. Finely cut straw looks great and keeps your garden bed beautiful.

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Elite Landscaping Manassas had years of experience lawning, gardening and general landscaping. We have worked in big commercial and public properties like schools and hospitals and we know how to do the job right. We use mulch in a way it keeps your yard clean and garden beds always healthy. Mulching is one of the things we are best at. With various mulch available and experience in laying mulch at the right place, you know you are choosing right when you hire us. Choose Elite Landscaping Manassas for affordable quality service by professionals who are punctual and dedicated to their work. We provide a free estimate after a site visit. Call us today.


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