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Are you looking for a reliable company to clean up your yard this season? Elite Landscaping Manassas does exactly that for the residences and businesses of Manassas VA. Cleaning your yard can bring a new life to your property.

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Affordable Yard Clean Up

It is getting a haircut after a long time, it opens up your property and makes it look bigger.Our lawns go through a lot throughout the year. Storms, rain, cold and beating down sun. Most of the time we ignore our lawn until we don’t and once you see how unruly your lawn, it is impossible to unsee it. At Elite Landscaping Manassas, we come to your aid with a single call. No matter the size of the project, few yards or a whole football ground, our team can work on it and clean up your yard for the season. Cleaning the yard is not a single process but a long and painful process that involves multiple steps. If your yard is too big for you to clean alone or you don’t have the time to clean your yard, call us.

Our Yard Clean Up Services

Mowing Your Lawn

Lawn mowing is one of the first steps of yard cleanup. We have high efficiency and modern lawn mowing machines that make less noise and do the job fast. Our team will mow your lawn within a few hours depending on the size of the yard then move on to the other cleaning processes.

Preparing The Planing Beds – If you need a beautiful garden in your yard with plants that are useful, beautiful and stay healthy throughout the year, our professionals can help. We can help you choose the best kind of plants for your planting beds. We fertilise the soil with organic fertilizers, we airathe soil, remove weed and help you plant the plants of your choice. Our professionals can teach you some plant maintenance methods to take care of your garden in your spare type.

Removing Any Mess – Any mess in your yard such as a refuse item that you keep in the yard, tree fall outs, grass, last years planting beds, weed, shrubs, etc need to be removed. We can take away the mess to the local dump and get rid of it for you. We have proper vehicles and machinery to do the job quickly.

Pest Control – Ants, termites and rats can make their home in your yard if it hasn’t been cleaned for many years. If it has places for pests to hide, it is best to get rid of them with proper pesticides so they don’t enter your house once the lawn is cleaned.

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Many homeowners try to clean their yard by themselves. It’s not an impossible task but if you need quick, affordable and good quality work, professional yard cleaning is the way to go. Proper yard cleaning is not a one man task. We have a team of professionals who make the process easy and fast. We also have various equipment such as lawn mowers, rakes, shoven, wheelbarrow, spreader, various fertilisers and mulch options. Call us today for an estimate.


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